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New Candy Dress_White



Size S:100-110cm

This is an onion setup with a neat and elegant design. The pleated fabric makes it comfortable for children to wear.
With bright colors and a sense of volume on the shoulder, it is luxurious and beautiful to wear, and it is a costume that gives a sophisticated feeling with modern pants.

Cotton & polyester 

Mede in Korea.


 •Be sure to hand wash separately in cold water. Hot water will deform the fabric.
 •Do not soak in water for a long time.
• After washing, do not twist and wring, and then dry it by laying it flat.

• Do not boil or use a dryer. 

• Be careful as metal parts may rust if left wet. Washing may cause color migration or color fading, so please wash separately.
• Avoid excessive friction or pulling by hand.

● When using a washing machine, be sure to turn the clothes inside out using a laundry net and wash them in a light wool course.


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